From High Performance Fuels to Delicate Service, with our inspiration to become regional top brand, we are working to provide........

Requirement of cafe amazon franchise in Cambodia: 1. Location Criterial: - High volume of traffic f ... Continue Read

សេចក្តីប្រកាស / Announcement ១. ក្រុមហ៊ុន ភីធីធី ខេមបូឌា សូមរក្សាសិទ្ធិមិនទទួលយកពាក្យស្នើសុំជាតំណាងចែកច ... Continue Read

Announcement of PTT (Cambodia) Limited (PTTCL) Term Condition and Recruitment Detail called "Proponent ... Continue Read

PTT Aviation Fuels Undoubtedly, PTT is one of the most trusted names and leading aviation fuel supply i ... Continue Read

PTT Special Products Asphalt/bitumen is primary use in road constructions, where it is used as the glue ... Continue Read

PTT Café Amazon: It is a “Thai taste; Amazon flavor” for a truly travelers to have a ... Continue Read

PTT Jiffy Mart PTT Jiffy is a convenient store provides a range of high quality products, importing fro ... Continue Read

PTT FitAuto PTT FitAuto is a lubricating services and a premium car health check, as your trip companio ... Continue Read

Free WiFi Whenever and wherever you are in PTT Life service station, you may connect a free Wi-Fi to th ... Continue Read

we provide a free Wi-Fi for the customers to connect to the world and also clean. Continue Read

Clean Toilet It is primarily concerned to take care health quality of the handicapped, the elderly and ... Continue Read

PTT Commercial Fuels PTT Cambodia is leading international oil companies to supply industrial fuels (HF ... Continue Read

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