PTT (Cambodia), we are dedicated to contribute to a greener & better community along with seeding the next generation.

PTTCL marking and being forced from the person do is from the perspective of good person, good company, good development and growth for the company and we have a "SPIRIT slogan, which mean everyone good is doing well so all employee are good and good"



Cafe Amazon Brand of the Year award

The Cafe Amazon will select from the World Branding Forum to receive the Brand of the Y ... Continue Read

Request not to extend Gifts to PTT Personnel

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Anti-Corruption Policy

ប្រកាសក្រុមហ៊ុន ភីធីធី (ខេមបូឌា) លីមិីតធិីត អំពី គោលនយោបាយប្រឆាំងអំពើពុករលួយ &n ... Continue Read

PTTCL Policy of Quality Safety Health and Environment (QSHE)

    PTT (Cambodia) Limited   Policy of Quality Safety He ... Continue Read

PTT Way of Conduct

PTT Group Business Continuity Management Policy  ----------------------------- ... Continue Read

ដើមឈើ ១ដើម ជួយបានអ្វីខ្លះ?

1. ជួយស្រូបយកឧស្ម័នកាបូនិច(តោនកាបូន ក្នុង១ជីវីតវា) 2. បញ្ចេញមកវិញនូវឧស្ម័នអុកសីុសែន ... Continue Read

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